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15х4 — это движение молодых учёных и фанатов науки.
Мы хотим, чтобы люди выступали и делились знаниями.

Прошлая встреча

15.04.2018, 11:00

Deutsches Museum, Ehrensaal

15 minutes about Our SensesLiliana Pedro

Our reality is defined by anything and everything we experience through our senses, but what happens if one of the senses is lost? Come explore this topic together with Liliana!

15 minutes about Archaeological DiscoveriesIlya Berkovich

Could you imagine that a random piece of stone lying right under your nose might turn out to be a precious ancient artifact? Follow Ilya as he takes you to one such exciting discovery in Christendom’s holiest church.

15 minutes about RFIDSviatoslav Edelev

Contactless payments, access cards for offices, identification of animals – only a few every-day applications that have made life easier. But are we sure that the data are sufficiently protected? Let's talk about privacy problems and how to secure against them.

15 minutes about Leadership StylesHaris Babačić

Many perceive leadership as a mystical force possessed by few, affecting many. But what does research say about it? What makes a good leader and what do great leaders do? Join us in understanding the science of leadership through music.

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15x4 — это научно-популярный проект, который делает мир лучше

15x4 — это некоммерческие мероприятия в городах Европы и СНГ. Мы проводим бесплатные образовательные встречи, на которых рассказывается по четыре научно-популярных лекции продолжительностью пятнадцати минут. Наша цель - продвигать идею популяризации науки и сделать знания более доступными.

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