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15х4 — это движение молодых учёных и фанатов науки.
Мы хотим, чтобы люди выступали и делились знаниями.

Прошлая встреча

07.06.2018, 18:30

JetBrains Event Space, 5th floor, Elsenheimerstraße 47A, 80687 München

15 minutes about Your Online PrivacyKonark Modi

Are you aware which companies know about the news you read, friends you meet, your fitness regime, food you order online, where you live, what music you listen to, where you are travelling this summer and with whom, what you are looking to buy?

15 minutes about Gene TherapyGianluca Luigi Russo

Did you know that we can use viruses to cure deadly disorders? Join us and learn something new about the past, the present and the future of this revolutionary approach called gene therapy!

15 minutes about How Science WorksSyed Hasan Raza

Making objective realizations about reality is by no means an easy feat, since our perception tends to be biased. Science is the best tool we have which gets this job done. How? Allow me to show you how science works.

15 minutes about Enviromental HealthJocelyn Almendárez Medina

Environmental Health is a multidisciplinary concept that focuses on the effects of the environment on human health. However, further integration is necessary. If we eliminate the environmental source of a problem are we actually promoting well-being?

Что такое 15х4?

15x4 — это научно-популярный проект, который делает мир лучше

15x4 — это некоммерческие мероприятия в городах Европы и СНГ. Мы проводим бесплатные образовательные встречи, на которых рассказывается по четыре научно-популярных лекции продолжительностью пятнадцати минут. Наша цель - продвигать идею популяризации науки и сделать знания более доступными.

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